The Thief


Theft just got harder

All asset owners registered on thePlantfiles can alert the Police and the Plant & Equipment Community within seconds of their asset being stolen.
thePlantfiles stores comprehensive identification details of the asset, which the Police use to recover the asset when it is reported stolen.

Stolen Plant & Equipment that can’t be sold.

Thieves and their accomplices who try to sell on stolen asset registered on thePlantfiles can be identified with ease. Buyers can check to see if an asset has been reported stolen by entering thePlantfiles ID, Chassis number, VIN, VIN, transmission number or basically any unique number recorded by the owner and low and behold if any of the numbers match, they will be told. You can also search by make and model and location.

Hundreds of unique identification details can be recorded for each asset, making it extremely difficult for thieves to disguise a stolen asset. The Police can positively identify a piece of equipment even if all the unique manufacturer’s identfication numbers have been changed. They simply access the files and match recorded unique markings to those recorded on reported stolen asset plantfiles. Dents and the scratches simply make the stolen asset uniquely different. The thieves will never be confident that they have removed every single unique markings. This is quite simply, ‘Grief for the Thief’.

Buyers can tell if they are being conned.

thePlantfiles enables the buyer to establish whether or not the seller is genuine. Only the seller can provide unrestricted access to the forensic file, so a seller who can’t do this should be avoided at all costs.

Increasingly buyers are refusing to buy unless the seller is registered on thePlantfiles. Remember, if you buy stolen assets, you will never, ever be the legal owner. Eventually, you will be caught in possession of the stolen asset. The short term bargain will prove to be very costly in the long term.

Thieves and their accomplices will be caught

In short, thieves and their accomplices who try to re-register stolen assets on thePlantfiles will be caught.