The Police


Real-time plant & equipment theft alerts

The Police will be notified as soon as plant & equipment is reported stolen on thePlantfiles.
To assist them in the recovery of the stolen asset, the plant & equipment community on thePlantfiles can also get alerted about the theft.

This helps to discourage theft because it becomes much more difficult for stolen plant & equipment that is registered on thePlantfiles to be resold.

Access photos and unique details of stolen plant & equipment

The police are supplied with unique details and photos of the plant & equipment reported stolen. This makes it easier and faster for police officers to identify stolen plant & equipment without any specialized knowledge of plant and equipment.

There is no need for scanners, ultraviolet lights or data dot readers, all that is needed is a PC or smartphone.

No need for police officers to do additional, unnecessary paperwork

Each theft reported from thePlantfiles includes all the data required for the standardised police theft report. This makes it easy to share information with the local police without having to duplicate reports and then enter the details on the Police National Computer.