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Verify the integrity of the asset

If a Plantfile has already been set by a distributor or the buyer of the asset and you are about to offer finance to purchase Plant & Equipment, you can use thePlantfiles to check the ownership records of the asset before completing an agreement.
Once verified and you are happy to proceed, the owner will send you an email with an attached link that will enable you to take control of the Finance section of that specific Plantfile. Templates will be presented and all descriptive information pertaining to the said asset will be automatically entered into the templates. The owner’s details along with the asset make, model, year of manufacture, value and the relevant vehicle/ asset registration number will be added for you. You only have to enter the Finance details into the designated fields. Once all the fields are completed you simply click on the ‘Lock’ button and the Finance Section of the Plantfile will be locked. The asset owner will not be able to edit this section but he/she will be able to view the status of the finance at anytime. A window will be displayed showing the amount initially financed, the number of payments made to date and remaining along with the commencement and final payment dates. When all obligation of the finance agreement are met by the owner, you simply go to the file and click on the ‘Unlock’ button. Should the owner not fulfil all the finance obligations,then you will hold the key that prevents the asset from being sold. The ‘transfer of ownership’ process within thePlantfiles is not permitted if the Finance section is in the closed ‘lock’ status.

You can rest assured that the buying and selling from within thePlantfiles protects all who use the system responsibly. By granting such control to the finance company, it promotes a better, more secure and effective platform for doing business.

Get notified of asset sales

Once you are registered as the financial partner, the asset cannot be sold without first notifying you. A status bar will indicate to the Finance company that the asset is currently ‘For Hire’, ‘For Sale’ or ‘Reported Stolen’.

Your Asset Finance Portfolios – Secured and in your control!

thePlantfiles creates a secure environment from which to do business.
You can maintain an overview of the current status of your entire asset finance portfolio, and you retain rights to prevent the sale of assets that have outstanding finance obligations.
With thePlantfiles as a partner, you’re in control.

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