1. How to Sign up a create a Free Membership?
2. How to create a ‘Star Rated’ data file?

Show me how it works step by step?

How to sign up for a free membership?


By signing up for Free membership you will need to provide your Name, email address, Company Name (if applicable) and mobile phone number.


Once you enter and confirm your selected private password, go to ‘Log in‘ at the top of the page, enter your email address and password.
From there you will be able to amend your profile and create your very own files.

How to Create a ‘Forensic’ Plantfile?

How to create a ‘Star Rated’ Plantfile?

How to create a forensic datafile using theplantfiles?

How to create a forensic datafile using theplantfiles?

Your account can be accessed once you sign in using your username and password. The Account Page is the starting block. You can amend your profile details, add managers, change your password, add an id photo, change the background image, and add your company logo. If you have already created files and wish to view them click on ‘Registered Files‘ at the top of the page. If you haven’t done so you can create new files by simply clicking on ‘Create File

How to view and amend your account details?

How to view and amend your account details?


Creating a file is relatively straightforward but is very much dependent on the information known about the asset to be registered. We understand that it would be virtually impossible to have every make, model and variant to be available for selection from the dropdown menus, so we have provided you with several ways to get round this.

Where the make and model are known, click on ‘I know the manufacturer and model‘ then simply type in the make of the asset in the field below and selects from the dropdown displayed models.


If the make is known but the model is not presented as an option, go to ‘No match found for make and model‘ and type in the make and model in the fields below. The Plantfiles team will endeavor to add the make and model to the database.

Picture5OPTION 3
If one knows the model but is not sure of the manufacturer, then simply click on ‘I know only the model name‘, type in the model then click on the one that matches, if none displayed go back to option 2.


This is used where one knows the make and is not quite sure of the model, however, if presented with images of models would likely know which it is. Click on ‘Select model by clicking on the icons‘. This is a visual search that starts by choosing a category and Sub-category eg. Agricultural, Tractor, Make and then choose the model.


The next section deals with the input of details. Once you complete Stage 1, you will be guided to the next step. You can skip a section by clicking the ‘NEXT STEP’ button at the bottom of each page. Alternatively, if you want to skip all just click on ‘Registered files’ at the top of the page.

Fill in the fields:

1. Asset current Market Value (must be a numeric value, all values are € currency) – This is Mandatory*.
2. Asset colour
3. Asset Year of Manufacture (Y.O.M)
4. Date asset purchased.
5. Asset description – Enter more details about the asset like additional non-standard features etc.
6. Asset Fleet Number – This can be the vehicle Registration No., the Fleet No. or your own in-house numbering system.

*The Asset Market Value cannot be changed by the Plant owner once the asset is linked to an Insurance Policy.

NOTE: Before you move onto the next section, please be sure to click on the yellow ‘SAVE‘ button, otherwise it will not save the data.


Adding Photos

To add a photo, click on ‘UPLOAD‘, which will allow you to browse you files on you PC. Just choose a photo and click ‘INSERT‘, the photo details will display alongside the ‘UPLOAD‘ button. You can add a photo description or title in the ‘PHOTO TITLE‘ field if you wish? You can also do this after you have added it to the file. Click on the yellow ‘ADD‘ button and the photo will display directly underneath the ‘ADD‘ button. The upload speed will depend on the size of the photo, so please be patient.

Adding ID Numbers

Most assets have unique Identification numbers and/or Serial Numbers. To enter a number click on the ‘ID Tag‘ field and a dropdown menu will display all the different types of numbers on offer, VIN, PIN, Chassis, Engine, Frame, Serial Numbers etc. Just choose the one that matches the number to be entered and type the number in the field below. If you have an image to tag to the number, click on the ‘UPLOAD‘ button and click ‘ADD‘. The image along with the number will be displayed directly below the ‘ADD‘ button. To add more numbers just repeat the action.
Tagging a photo to a number allows one to check that the number entered matches that displayed on the photo.


Adding Unique Markings

Recording unique markings such as dents, scratches, decals etc., is one of the most important exercises to be carried out as it is the ‘Forensic’ side of your file. Unique markings are ‘Unique’ and all those small things that make your asset completely different from a similar asset of make, model and year need to be recorded. If your plant was lined up alongside 10 other identical models, would you be able to positively identify yours? Bear in mind, if your plant is stolen from you, the first things to be changed will be the Identification numbers. It could then be repainted, and your company decals removed. However, remember the pop rivot you added, the scratch on the windscreen you recorded, they will likely remain, so be sure to record them, they are invaluable! Get yourself into a position where you could say, “That’s mine, I know it’s mine, and what’s more, I can prove it’s mine“.

Registration Schemes

Lots of machinery coming off the production line are now registered on the CESAR Registration Scheme. If your machine has a triangular sticker affixed to it, then it is registered with CESAR and will be fitted with a series of Datatag transponders and very clever microdots to help Police identify your assets when it is stolen. If you have bought a machine second hand, be sure to contact CESAR to re-register it in your name. The Plantfiles wants you to record the CESAR tag number on the system and for doing so it will reward you with the fourth star. However, if you don’t have a CESAR tag, but you have the Plantfiles ID tag assigned to that machine, you will automatically receive the fourth star anyway.

Picture8STAGE 6
Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking devices are incredible and if fitted properly and maintained, they are the best way to trace your asset should it be stolen. So why not get the ‘Fifth Star’.? Simply, register the approved device and you’ve got it!


Ownership Details

This section will default your name and address as the current owner. It will allow you to input the details of the previous owner. If you have purchased an asset that was already registered on the system, the previous owner can ‘TRANSFER OWNERSHIP’ to you. The owner click on ‘Transfer Ownership’, enters the username and password, a 26 digit code will be displayed. This number is then given to the new owner, and once logged into his/her account can click on ‘CLAIM OWNERSHIP’ in the account section and enter the number. Once accepted the plant file will be transferred from the previous owner to the new owner and both parties will receive an email confirming the transfer. The previous owner’s details will automatically be entered onto the ‘Ownership Details’ section.


Insurance Details

This section allows you to input your insurance details. If insured through one of our affiliated brokers, then this section will be controlled by the broker. The Broker can only see assets that have been assigned as ‘Insured’ through that broker. You could have 20 assets registered but only 10 insured, in this case the broker will only see the 10 insured assets.


Finance Details



Additional Information

This section allows one to enter additional information such as:
1. Service History
2. Safety Checks & related documents
3. Video
4. Additional security features – Ram locks, immobilisers etc.


Your new file will look something like this! You can access any section, just click on the blue pencil on the legend. The map is defaulted to your account address but can be updated to reflect the current location of the asset by using the mobile app.

A Sample Unique ID number, tagged to a photo.
A sample ID Tag.