Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the owners of plant & equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, marine equipment, quads, caravans etc., and to make life difficult for the thief.

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We believe that communication is the key and that everybody that needs to know about a theft, should know about the theft, not tomorrow, not the next day, but right NOW!
Email and/ or text alerts will be sent to network members (Plant & Equipment Theft alerts Only). All thefts reported through the system will be put up on our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. This will help to put you on your guard should stolen items be offered to you for sale or hire.

Registering your Bicycle

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BICYLE ID TAGS – Before you buy your bike, check with your Cycle store to see if it registers bikes in advance of sales. If it does, it will save you time and money, otherwise you will be required to buy a tag on-line.

All you will need is to sign up, log in and claim ownership by simply entering the Ownership Transfer Code given to you by the Cycle shop. There is no cost for this transfer and registration is a one off fee and not an annual cost! However, a small Fee will apply to the purchaser should the Bike be sold on and the data transferred to the new owner.

Once you create an thePlantfiles ID Tag Number, the Rectangular sticker (made from destructible material), similar to that shown below will be posted out to your address. Once you receive it, apply it to the bike. Remember, the sticker is a deterrent and removal of same although very difficult to do, does not compromise the cyclefile.

Once applied, be sure to take a photo of it and add it to the unique Identification Number section of your Cyclefile. All other unique frame and component Identification numbers along with the recorded unique markings and tagged photos will serve to help recover you bike if it is stolen. The Tag is approximately 90mm x 32mm.

From time to time, Cycle shops offer registration discounts. What you need to do is purchase on line (Buy 1 No. thePlantfiles ID tag) and before you checkout, type in the promotion code or Coupon reference in the entry field at the bottom of the Checkout page.


Registering your Plant & Equipment


Once you have signed up and created an account, we offer a simple way to pay for registering your plant. You pay a fee of €12.50 to create your own thePlantfiles ID number without an overt sticker pack. An Id number along with the overt sticker pack will cost you €20/ item.

The sticker pack consists of 1 hexagonal tag 130mm wide. The tags are made from destructible material that break up and into small pieces when tampered with. The tags act as a deterrent and warn the thief not to steal the asset. You can pay for each individual transaction or you can buy multiple tags in one transaction.
You will be able to advertise your plant for sale and for hire from within this secure platform.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use the system, all you need to have is a very basic knowledge of computing. If you have a digital camera, you can download your photos to your hard drive and simply upload them to your file. You can add descriptions of dints and scratches and tag them to the respective photos.

Furthermore, you will be able to add service records, safety checks, Insurance and finance details. Within minutes you will be proudly creating your very own invaluable quality data-files. Remember, you can create an account for FREE and there is no obligation for you to register any equipment on the system.

Once you create a thePlantfiles Id Number, you will be issued with a sticker (1 hexagonal sticker approx. 130mm wide and 100mm deep) that bears a unique ID number. On receipt of same, simply apply it with care to the machine. Ensure that the sticker is affixed to a part of the machine/asset that cannot be removed such as the Chassis or mainframe.

Remember, the stickers are made from destructible material, so you will only get one chance to apply to the asset. You will not be able to remove the sticker once it is stuck to the surface, it simply will break up into tiny piece if you try to remove it.

Should you have any difficulties understanding or using the system and you wish to talk to one of our support team please phone
the HELPLINE 087-3916319 or 0818 333533. Please note, these numbers are NOT ‘Premium Numbers’. Alternatively, send an email to We’re here to help!


Register now, as later might be too late!

Why not use your data to help you save on insurance?

As well as keeping your plant & equipment Safe and Secure, thePlantfiles can help you save on Insurance. If you need Plant & Equipment Insurance to cover Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft (ADFT), if you own one or more items of plant, then you need to talk to ARACHAS. With Arachas you can cover Plant Hire Insurance, Plant Hire Contractors Insurance and Agricultural Contractors Insurance at the best possible price with policies tailored to meet your needs. The Arachas ‘Plantmaster Insurance‘ scheme along with offer a unique service that gets you the best cover at the best price.

We have teamed up in Arachas Corporate Brokers Limited – Ireland’s leading independently owned insurance and risk management brokerage. ARACHAS offer comprehensive insurance solutions that are cost-effective and results driven.

All you have to do now is call John O’Shaughnessy or Tracy McGroarty on 021-4270505 and tell them that you have your plant and equipment registered on thePlantfiles, and they will endeavour to get you the best quote possible.

Email: john.oshaugnnessy@arachas
Tel: 021-4270505
Fax: 021-4275540