Buying & Selling

Buyers can…


Find Plant & Equipment for Sale

You’ll Find Plant & Equipment for Sale both locally and nationally. You can filter by Make and Model, Sector, Location and more. You can contact the owner and verify the ownership records before purchase.

Validate the integrity of the asset

If in doubt about a asset item for sale, you can request proof of ownership from the seller using thePlantfiles. You can also view the ownership history and double-check to verify the asset is registered for sale by the owner.

Verify the Seller

thePlantfiles helps you to determine whether or not the seller is genuine. The real owner will have unrestricted access to the Plantfile in question, so if the seller doesn’t have access then walk away, it’s as simple as that!

Sellers can…


Sell Plant & Equipment with Ease

Selling Plant & Equipment has never been easier or quicker. You simply choose what information to show buyers, and in a couple of minutes, your Plant will be advertised to a targeted audience within the Plant & Equipment community.

Confirm the integrity of the asset for Sale

You can prove to buyers that you have the right to sell the asset, by displaying your thePlantfiles authorized seller ID, by displaying the ownership history of your asset, and by displaying that your asset is registered for sale.

Prove your identity

thePlantfiles has developed a unique identity system for genuine owners and authorized sellers to establish trust with your buyers, while making it extremely difficult for those who try to sell or pass on stolen asset. For auction rooms, thePlantfiles makes it easy to execute a proper due diligence process, making the transfer of ownership process smoother.