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Record your assets, prevent theft, recover stolen property & save on Insurance.

Register your assets today for permanent protection. Record the detail and use that detail to save on your ADFT Plant Insurance premium.
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Verified Ownership

Record details such as, service history & ownership records along with unique identification numbers, markings & much, much more.

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Report a Theft

Report a Theft to the Police and Community in Real-Time.

Automatically generates a theft report using your replica de relojes quality data. Everybody that needs to know, will know!

Check Plant, Equipment or Cycle ID

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Get your free Plant, Equipment or Cycle file identity check

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How it works

It’s all about the ‘Details’,but act now as ‘Later might be too late!’

Gather & Record

Gather & record everything that makes your asset different then go to theplantfiles.com and enter all the information about it. You can use your smartphone, PC or the Free iPhone app to keep your files updated. The process is simple and easy to use, just follow the steps…

Protect your asset

By recording the details, you will have considerably reduced the risk of theft and significantly improved your chances of recovery should it be stolen. Not only that you have lowered the replique rolex risk for your Insurance Company which will ultimately mean lower insurance for you! Contact ‘ARACHAS‘ and see how much you can save.

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